we af hu haya mitkaven


here starts a new "search" :)))

next is a well known Yossele Rosenblatt record from 1921


he sings together with Levi Rosenblatt and Reuben Kazimirsky

first, i guess that Levi is ... Leo, Yossele Rosenblatt's son. is that correct?

second, i had found a little info about Kazimirsky in Zaludkovsky's book. but without his photo, of course. maybe someone has it?

thanks in advance!
Posted by holoimes at 03/11/10 17:28:29
Dear holoimes
I think the Levi is his younger brother Levi Yitzchok Rosenblatt HYD who did visit America around that time and who was murdered by the Nazis in Poland during the Shoah.
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Posted by mancunian at 04/11/10 07:45:26
Levi was indeed Yossele's younger brother,who I believe was a chazan in Holland.
Posted by yankeeo at 05/11/10 13:43:55
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Posted by holoimes at 06/11/10 15:50:02
Levi was a ypunger brother, he was chazzan in Brigel (Galica - Poland)
Posted by dr at 07/11/10 01:40:33

thanks for the correction about where he was chazzan
Posted by yankeeo at 07/11/10 02:59:45
He was also Chazzan in Groningen, the Netherlands, so you weren't wrong, Yankeeo ;-)! From Groningen he went to Hamburg, Germany, where he filled the place his brother Yossele left vacant. After that he went to Poland, where he perished by the hands of the Nazis.
Posted by J.P. Lieuwen at 07/11/10 09:06:22
thanks Jeffrey

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Posted by yankeeo at 07/11/10 14:29:12
thanks Jeffrey

Posted by dr at 08/11/10 00:14:44

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