some questions about Solomon Braslavsky (1887-1975)


Solomon Gregory Braslavsky was well known composer (Yossele Rosenblatt sang his "Birchas Kohanim"), conductor (for years he served in Boston at Temple Miskan Tefilah) and accompanist (he worked with Rosenblatt, Kwartin and Glantz)

Braslavsky studied music at Wien and passed away in USA

can anybody add some info to this short "story"?

maybe some one has his photo?

thanks in advance

i'm 99% sure that Braslavsky was born in russia (because of using "second" name Gregory, that in this case "points" to his father name).

more of that

i have a "feeling" that Braslavsky was born or in Bessarabia (like Glickstein, who was Miskan Tefilah's cantor), or in Ukraine (like Kwartin, Rosenblatt and Glantz). i can't explain this: it's only a "feeling".
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Dear holoimes

Solomon Braslavsky was born, according to a US record card, which contains his signature, on 27th April 1885 in "Kaligorka, Russia".

He is reported to have conducted Chazan Barkin (snr)'s choir in (relatively nearby) Uman in c.1905 before going to study/teach in Vienna.

Kaligorka seems to nowadays be known as Mokra Kalyhirka in the Ukraine and is close to Talne.

I will email you a photo.

Best Rgds
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thank you very much dear friend!

sorry for a "silence": i'm still out of internet :((((

uman' - what a nice "shot"!!! :)))

cantor Barkin's name was Avram. and famous Jacob Barkin was Avram's son...

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