Zawel Kwartin

Iv been looking for a shtikal called Mimkomcho by cantor zawel kwarttin, Iv looked in all the sound archives and i cant seem to find it, if any one has it or knows anything about it please reply thank you

Posted by mendel.tie1 at 08/11/10 19:20:53
Dear Mendel

Following holoimes' great posting on your related question on the Forum, I searched a little and found the following.
There is a photo of the label on

The artist is spelled Oberkantor Kvartin and the item is spelled Mimkomchu on the label.

There is also some info on his recording experiences in Kwartin's wonderful autobiography, Mayn Lebn, now available from the National Yiddish Book Center.

Kind Rgds
Posted by mancunian at 15/11/10 09:41:25


Thank you mancunian

And about the Mimkomchu that's the label i have, and Im looking for that recording, so if you seem to come across the piece please let me know.
Im also looking for a piece called Misod Chachomim, if anyone has any info on it please care to shear thank you.


Posted by mendel.tie1 at 16/11/10 00:06:06
A good idea is to go to ebay and 1)search for kwartin and kvartin 2)and sign up for auto alerts of same.
Posted by mzooks at 07/02/11 21:42:12

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