Anyone know - Yosselle Mandelboim\'s recordings?

Shalom Vu'vracha.
Does anyone know where YM's recordings are available? Raza DeShabat is available online and so is Sefiras Haomer, but hasn't this marvelous and sensitive cantor done more?
And many thanks to the kind person who answered my previous post.
Posted by Nissan at 21/11/10 18:07:59
the lp
live recording at the Bobov tish
Posted by libsonmo at 22/11/10 11:18:48
libsonmo, Yasher Koach.
All the best.
Posted by Nissan at 22/11/10 15:53:03
try mostly music it's called shirei yosef
Posted by dr at 23/11/10 19:31:15

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