Chazzan Erblich\'s Machnisei Rachamim

Dear fellow lovers of Chazzonus,

I remember an old radio show by Charlie, which featured a live version (with choir) of Chazzan Moshe Leib Erblich's beautiful composition of Machnisei Rachamim. Does anyone know exactly which show it's on (it was a few years ago) and where I can find the particular show? I would love to hear it again.

Thanks in advance.

Jeffrey P. Lieuwen
Posted by J.P. Lieuwen at 13/12/10 12:43:49
maybe its this composition

Posted by libsonmo at 15/12/10 04:50:10
Dear Libsonmo,

That's indeed the composition that I'm refering to, but it's not the recording. There's also a live version with choir, which was featured on an old radio show by Charlie.

Thanks for your help.

Zay gezunt,

Jeffrey P. Lieuwen
Posted by J.P. Lieuwen at 16/12/10 04:43:18

I haven't found my Cantors World shows yet ( I had a external hard drive crash) but I can tell you from Charlie's log that it was broadcast on:

Erblich, Moshe Lieb - Machnisei Rachamim August 10 2006

Posted by Simcha at 16/12/10 17:35:21
Well Jeffrey, you gave me the incentive to finally find those show. I have taken your requested song out of the complete show and posted it at:

Posted by Simcha at 16/12/10 18:36:11
Dear Simcha,

Thanks very much for your trouble, it is really appreciated. You really made my day :-)! I've listened to it over and over again since I downloaded it. It's such a marvelous composition and Chazzan Erblich had a very 'good day' when it was recorded. What a wonderful voice!!! He deserves more attention and respect than he is getting.

A dank,

Jeffrey P. Lieuwen
Posted by J.P. Lieuwen at 19/12/10 09:57:54

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