cantorial tapes for sale

Hi collectors,

here is a list of some tapes I have for sale (some are brand new with the shrink wrap !)

the price is $5 a piece - unless you want them all

for questions I can be emailed at

1] Legendary Cantors (m. hershman, y. Rosenblatt, g. sirota, s. kwartin, s. kupfer, b. chagy, h. borenstein)

2] Jan Peerce – The Art Of The Cantor (chanuka, the Sabbath, high holy days). By Vanguard Record 1987

3] Jan Peerce – Jan Peerce On 2nd Avenue (love songs from the Golden Era of Yiddish Theatre

4] Jan Peerce – Sings Yiddish Folk Songs. By Vanguard Records 1963

5] Cantorial Music Vol. 1 (Waldman, Oysher, Schwartz, Ganchoff, Malavsky, Singers Of Israel)

6] Kol Nidre With Moishe Oysher by Banner Records

7] The Moishe Oysher Chanuka Party by Banner Records

8] The Moishe Oysher Seder by Banner Records

9] Golden Voices Of Israel Sing For Shabath (Rosenblat, Koussevitzky, Glantz, Alexandrovich, Kwartin, Vigoda). Produced by Israel Music

10] Golden Voices Of Israel – The High Holidays (Rosenblatt, Koussevitzky, Glantz, Kwartin, Vigoda, Alexandrovich). Produced by Israel Music

11] Golden Voices OF The Synagogue – (Sirota, Waldman, Chagy, Hershman, Schmidt, Ganchoff, D. Roitman, Wieder, Shlisky, Kapov Kagan, Vigoda, Pinchik, Rosenblat). Produced by Israel Music

12] Harninu Goyim Amo – Cantor David Bagley

13] Richard Tucker – Passover Seder Festival. Manufactured by CBS Records

14] East & West – Cantor Aaron Bensoussan

15] Moshe Koussevitzky – “ I will lift mine eyes”. Produced by Israel Music

16] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky Sings His Most Famous Synagogue Masterpieces (vol. 1) GRC 140

17] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky Sings His Most Famous Synagogue Masterpieces GRC 148

18] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky Live in Concert with Choir

19] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky Festival Solemn And Joyous (By Collectors Guild)

20] Moshe Koussevitzky in Memoriam – by Israel Music (IMC – 1006)

21] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky – Prayers (volume 3)

22] The Best Cantorial Works of Cantor Mordechai Hershman (Distributed by Gal Ron Tel Aviv)

23] Masterpieces of The Synagogue – The Art of Cantor Leibele Waldman. By Israel Music (IMC 1013)

24] Dave Tarras – Klezmer Music 1925- 1956 (Yazzoo 7001)

25] Hatikvah – Richard Tucker Sings Great Jewish Favorites (cbs 40-65675)

26] The Song of My Life – Cantorial Treasures by Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner

27] Tov Lehodot – Cantor Moshe Stern in Concert (mscd-1008)

28] Cantor Moshe Stern (Galton 5785)

29] Cantor Josef Rosenblatt – Sabbath part 2 (LTM151)

30] Cantor Josef Rosenblatt – Sholosh R’Golim (CGG-654)

31] The Art Of The Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky – By Israel Music (IMC 1009)

32] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky – Sabbath Morning (volume 2 CG202)

33] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky – (1899 – 1966) By Pitch Records PSR 0022

34] Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky Concert (volume 4) by House of Menora Inc. licensed by Collectors Guild 5-204

35] M. Koussevitzky – Passover Seder with Ben Friedman and his Choir (IMC 1036)

36] A Concert of Sacred Song - Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky by Musique Internationale CM604

37] The Four Kusevitzky Brothers (CBS 40-26469)

40] Aneinu - Cantor Moshe Stern – Live Cantorial Yiddish and Folk Classics (Mscs -1009)

41] Slichot at Shelter Rock – Cantor Avraham Albrecht

42] Golden Voices of Israel – Sings Yiddish Masterpieces (Rosenblatt, Koussevitzky, Peerce, Malavsky, Hershman, Alexandrovich) Produced by Israel Music

43] Golden Voices of Israel – Sings For The High Holidays (Produced by Israel Music)

44] Golden Voices of Israel - volume 2 Produced by Israel Music (IMC1021)

45] Richard Tucker – Rozhinkes Mit Mandlin (CBS 40-81421)

46] Cantor Simcha Kusevitzky Private Collection (by Meir Dvir)

47] Midnight Selichot by Cantor Moshe Stern (magnatone 1009)

48] Cantor Stephen Robins in concert with The London Jewish Male Choir (bb005)

49] The Gates of Prayer – Cantor Ben Zion Kapov Kagan (cg617)

50] Aleph Duo sings Cantorial (Avraham Albrecht – Avshalom Zfira)
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