Helfgott/Hainowitz Selichos 2011

Well, I listened to the Helfgott Selichos on youtube. Suffice it to say, this kind of singing/davening is just not for me.

However, I understand that Hainowitz also officiated in Jerusalem at a Selichos service. Does anyone know if there is a recording of it available?
Posted by kendal at 02/10/11 13:55:45
I have about 60% of the slichot with cantor Asher Hainovitz and Benjamin Munk's Choir

recorded by Kolani of the hebrew forum
Posted by libsonmo at 03/10/11 12:29:01
libsonmo - you are a tsaddik! Thank you so much. And thank you also for the wonderful online archive.

As for the Hainowitz Selichos, if the other 40 % becomes available I would love to have it - as I would anything else that is available sung, in shul, by Hainowitz.

G'mar Katima Tova
Posted by kendal at 03/10/11 13:42:17

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